by Foxlore

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Antisocial is an album that explores the minds of the past century's most brutally horrific serial killers.


released July 1, 2014

Drew Mottinger
Wesley Richards



all rights reserved


Foxlore Los Angeles, California

Electropop Murder Rock spawned in LA

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Track Name: The Void
There’s something bout the way you
There’s something bout the way you looked into my face
That I couldn’t wait to
I couldn’t wait to find out how you taste

I can’t let you leave me
I can’t let you walk way like her
I will make you my undead
and your lifeless body I adore

Every day and every day
You’ll be the first and last on my mind
There is a void that I’ll never fill
Still I’ll get closer with every kill
You keep warm and I keep you cold
Slowly your body parts unfold
This the time, the time to forgive
You’ll have to die if I’m gonna live

And I don’t like the killing
Blood is not the ending that I seek
I just crave the comfort
cuz everything I love it always leaves
Track Name: Warm LA Night
It’s nothing you’d understand
But I have something to say
Now is not time or place
There have been lies in the past
And the die has been cast

You maggots make me sick
One and all you are hypocrites
I gave up on love in life a long time ago
I’m slipping through your window…….to take you down

I am above
Your experience of
I’ve become your worst fear
I’ll make you disappear
I aim to please
I’m a deadly disease
On a warm LA night

Sleeping on your grave
Don’t you ever misbehave
I don’t need to hear what I’ve
Already heard before
the devil you have sworn…..your life away

Dreams below in flame
I grew up on the war
An evil dwells deep within
Legions of the night
Repeat not the errors of
An evil dwells deep within
Track Name: Yours in Murder
Hello from the cracks cuz I’ll be back
A spirit seldom stopping to rest
Hello from the street of NYC
Give her my best

It was not just me you know damn well
They call them the 22 disciples of hell
but I am still here always with her
Yours in murder

So if you have, haven’t heard from me
Don’t you think that I, that I went to sleep
I’ll be back again to haunt you with my words
Like the duke of death now I must be heard
Oh I watch the world, watch the world go by
As I’m looking in, in from the outside
Maybe we will meet, meeting face to face
Even when I’m gone you will take my place.

Hello from the cracks cuz I’ll be back
The voices inside my head understand
When the demon speaks
I listen close to his demands

Once again I’m back from the sewers
A city again awaits my attack
I’ll absolve your sins knocking on coffins
Yours in murder
Track Name: Lady Killer
Lets plan a murder lets start a religion
I’ll cut your eyesight and stop in the vision
A killing empire a man in a uniform
A handsome vampire a body to deform

It’s time to take a leap of faith and leave this world

Pick me up I’m falling down
This is my addiction
I’ll teach you to break my heart
And show you through my victims
Something must be wrong with me
I can’t feel my feelings
(The) harder that I try to hide
Is all the more revealing

There’s no one left to hear you scream
And every night you die in my dreams
You take your last breath
And stare in the eyes of a god

What’s one less person on the face of the earth anyway

Rape semantics take another turn
Flightless steps of a wounded bird
Track Name: The Hit Kit
At a quick glance I knew that all was lost
Dragged another soul before the cross
Hiding in the plain of sight
What is this that I can see

I’ll pass you on the street and give a friendly
Then send you to an early grave
Hell has opened up it’s gates
And taken a hold of me

Oh Anna oh why did you
Why didn’t you come home to me
I waited so patiently
Close your eyes so you can’t see

Oh Anna oh why did you
Why didn’t you come home to me
I saw my life fade away,
careless thoughts I kept at bay
If only for another day

The garrote phathom needs a cheapened thrill
I’ll take you all against your will
Go ahead and lock your doors
For which I made the key

Outwardly normal unremarkable
Insatiable I’m never full
In a world of longing fear
I saw the blackened side of me
For all you to see

Cold icy hands are taking a hold of me